Our Chief System Technician is an accomplished and well decorated system engineer, and licensed New York State Security System Integrator. He is, also, a Security System Consultant in the State of New York, who has worked closely with retired police detectives and former police captains, who, now, hold director positions in the security field at various City, State and Federal agencies.

Our Chief System Technician credits his becoming one of the sought after Security System Consultants and Installers in New York City to his first-hand experience of having one's home violated by an intruder.

At the age of 14, our Chief System Technician's home was burglarized by an intruder, while he and his family were asleep. This incident had such an impact on our Chief System Technician, that it motivated him to research about home security, and learn how security systems worked. From there, he went on to study electronics at William E. Grady Career and Technical Education High School, and graduated as one of the top 3 students in his school. This achievement by our Chief System Technician lead him to be recurited straight from high school by Kalon Systems Inc., who was one of the first electronic security companies in New York to install state of the art magnetic locks, CCTV and Public adress systems for New York City public schools.

While working for Kalon Systems Inc., our Chief System Technician served as a Security System Technician, where he worked with engineers in the development and manufacturing of all types of security systems.

After leaving Kalon Systems Inc., our Chief System Technician furthered his career as a Security System Technician by sub-contracting for some of the leading security system integrators, such as Pei Systems SMS, A.E.S., Maximum Security, Safeway Security, Scott Security, American Security, Ambush Alarm, Vector Security, Corporate Security Inc., Securex, Certicom, Niscayah, Securitas, Best Security and many more.

In the field, our Chief System Technician has either supervised, contracted, sub-contracted, and project managed the installation of security systems at the following sites: Kings County Hospital, N.Y.U. Medical Center, Home Depot, Sears, Victoria's Secrets, Lowes, Goldman Sachs, New York Downtown Hospital, Rainbow Stores, American Stock Exchange, Solomon Brothers, Credit Swiss and Credit Lloyanise.

Our Chief System Technician's extensive career as a Security System Technician has caused him to be recognized as one of the most distinguished Security System Integrator and Consultant in the City of New York.