Video surveillance is one of the most effective forms of security. A quality video system has the ability to not only deter criminals but to produce evidence if incidents do occur. Video surveillance has more benefits than security alone. Cameras help keep employees honest, working hard, and on task. The ability to oversee operations while on vacation can bring owners peace of mind. A good system will protect you from internal and external threats. Click here to view How Video Surveillance System Works.

There are many camera technologies currently on the market. At Do It Right Electronic & Security Services, our consultants will work with you to design a security system using the latest technology that best suites your needs.

Camera Types
High Resolution, Day/Night, Infrared, Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Digital Video Recorders
We provide Digital Video Recorders, which have become revolutionary and the standard in providing video surveillance (these units have replace the once standard and now antiquated VCR). The Digital Video Recorder uses the latest image compression technology to record camera images into the DVR's Hard Disc that can record full motion images with 30, 60 and 90 day storage. Archiving images is achieved through built-in DVD burners, and images can be viewed locally through your network or remotely anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

Our DVRs permits simultaneous playback, recording and instant retrieval of camera images from one to multiple sources; and it can split screen view from 1, 4, 9 to16 screens. DVRs can, also, set recording schedules and image quality for each camera. We, also, integrate motion detector and external alarm sensor into our systems.