Access control requires persons to validate that they have been granted access to your building before they enter. This is done so by entering a code into a keypad, swiping a badge through a magnetic stripe reader, waving a card across a proximity reader, or a combination of multiple methods. This process is then run through a controller and a door is unlocked if the person has valid access, all in seconds!

If you require restricted access into your building chances are we can provide a solution. Whether you need to limit access to one door or every door in your facility, we can help.

Do It Right Electronics & Security Services provides security and facility solutions using technologies provided by the industries top manufacturers. We understand the applications, and will work with you to solve your special needs.

Types of access control systems
- Standalone, single or multiple door entry systems
- Gate entry systems
- PC based, networked access control system

Access control can be integrated with multiple systems to create seamless layers of protection, monitoring, and productivity.

Systems can be integrated with:
- Intercom
- Paging
- Video surveillance
- Time and attendance system
- Security alarm