EM-Series   Indoor/Outdoor
Flush Mount Durable
Metal Keypad
•Single gang design
•Metal Trim & Braille keys
•Weather resistant
•212 style - 1 SPDT 2 amp relay
•Five year warranty
•4.5" x 2.75" x 0.60"
•10-30VDC; 12-24 VAC - auto adjusting
ProxPad   Proximity Reader
Access System

IEI prox.pad is a stand-alone proximity
reader and keypad. In addition to operating
as a self-contained stand alone access
control system, it operates as a reader with
all IEI Secured Series Hub Control products
and with most 26-bit wiegand access control
panels – as a proximity reader
•Integrated door control, keypad and prox
•2000 users/ 1000 event audit trail
•Weather resistant
•Compatible with HID proximity cards from
 26 to 37 bit
•Glass mount kit included
•Wiegand output - 26 to 37 bit proximity;
 26 bit keypad
•5.25" x 2.75" x 1.375"
•IEI Access System Compatible
Card Reader   Magnetic Stripe
Card Reader System
•Narrow style suitable for door  mullions
•Two-piece design with secure  electronics
•Weatherproof metal housing
•Compatible with any ABA  standard track 2 encoded  magnetic stripe card
•Main relay - 8 amp SPDT
•3 - 1 amp SPDT relays - alarm
 shunt, forced door, propped door
Biometric Reader   BioRead 1000 Stand Alone Fingerprint Access System

BioRead 1000 is a stand-alone finger print reader that can be used for indoor and
outdoor installations (requires BR1250 for outdoor applications). The door
controller is mounted on the secure side of the door.
•Finger only - no card required
•No PC or software needed
•Separate door controller for increase security-stand alone applications
•90 templates
•Add/delete with hand-held programmer
•Authenticate in less than 2 seconds
•Option for Wiegand output (part # BR1100)