About Heading

Do It Right Electronics & Security Services is a New York State Licensed Security System Integrator that's certified by the New York State
Department of Burglar and Fire Alarm Installers. We are accomplished, well decorated, and reputable Security System Consultants in the State
of New York; and our company is fully insured and registered with city, state and federal agencies in New York.

Do It Right Electronics & Security Services work closely with retired police detectives and former police captains (who, now, hold director
positions in the security field at various City and State agencies), to ensure that our clients from the Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and
Institutional sectors have the appropriate and specially designed security systems that meet their needs. We believe that our cooperative-
relationship with these former and/or retired police detectives and captains have enabled us to provide effective solutions to our clients, for the
safety of their homes and businesses; and have led to Kings County Hospital Center, N.Y.U. Medical Center, Home Depot, Sears, Lowes,
Goldman Sachs and the American Stock Exchange, just to name a few, to consistently seek Do It Right Electronics & Security Services for all
of their security solutions and installations.

So when you think of security for your home and business, think of Do It Right Electronics & Security Services.