All of our accounts are monitored at our UL listed monitoring center. This facility is a well protected site with multiple power and phone line backups.

Many different monitoring options are available with your alarm system. These options can be added on to your account at activation time or later on down the road.

Open/Close reports
This is a monthly report that shows the times and dates that your alarm system was armed and disarmed. This report can also be setup to show the name of the user who performed the arm or disarm.

Cellular backup monitoring
A vulnerability of each home is its phone lines. Intruders have been known to cut the phone lines to a home before making entry. This disables the security system from reporting to the monitoring center, until now! Redundant monitoring using cellular backup guarantees that signals will make it to the dispatchers even if the lines have been cut.

Two-way voice monitoring
Two-way voice is a very useful tool. It allows our dispatchers to verify a break-in before sending police units. This reduces unwanted false alarm dispatches which can cost you money. Two-way voice is also useful in emergency situations. You can contact our dispatchers and request emergency services when needed.